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Meet our Resident Glass Blowers

Kathleen Mcbride

Glass Blower

Glen Andrews

Glass Blower

Carl Covert

Glass Blower

Ralph Laborde

Owner, Glass Blower

Julian Villarreal

Glass Blower

Studio Rules


  1. Application for studio membership, including liability and photography release forms, must be completely executed before use of studio is allowed.
  2. Members must prove that they are competent in glassblowing by a letter of reference or by demonstration.
  3. Members must have a competent assistant or glass blower present during session for safety reasons. No solo blowing!
  4. Membership privileges will include the use of annealers, glory holes, furnace, marver, and bench as well as pipes, punties and hand tools.
  5. Members are strongly recommended to bring their own hand tools pipes and punties.
  6. Members will be held liable for damage to studio equipment.
  7. Lockers are available on a first come basis for storage of tools. Studio is not responsible for loss or damage to members property.
  8. Members must have fun or they will be expelled from our merry band of gaffers!


  1. Only members may purchase time to rent the studio. Please contact the studio for assistance.
    • Price: $45 per hour, minimum purchase 6 hours
  2. Use of studio hours will be a minimum of two hours per session.
  3. One hour use of large glory hole will count for one and one half hours of your block time.

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